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Whether you’re interested in investing in a technology company or a technology company’s services, our team’s ambition is to empower you to make a more confident, data-informed decision.

Brian Lee SVP, Intelligence Unit

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And counting — it’s the beating heart of what our company stands for

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Hey, these are our values. Read them because maybe we’re meant to be together.

Hard Work

is about figuring it out and getting it done.

You know it’s not just about doing more for the sake of doing more, but rather, intentionally tackling the hard things because they are the RIGHT things.

High standards

are about not settling.

It bothers you when you know something can be better, so you jump in, and take it on. You study every detail but prioritize the essentials – the real needle-movers. You see it as an imperative, and when it’s a success? You share it. Misstep? You own it.


is about never giving up.

You find making progress toward goals life-sustaining, and overcoming obstacles the source of real happiness. You take calculated risks, you play to win and you never get beat at the hustle.


is about being a reliable and agile colleague.

You speak honestly, clearly, and put yourself out there for your team members to learn from, and lean on. You take on any project, glamorous or not, and if it should take a sudden turn, you’re there to adjust the sails to the changing winds.


is about being generous and curious.

Do you feel silly taking a bow? Good. So do we. Not afraid of a new method? Sweet. We’re genuinely curious about what our team members think, and no task is too small either (because really, who are we!?)

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