14 Halloween advent calendars to shop in 2022

It’s no secret that the past few months have been hot, humid, sticky and sweaty. The countdown to cooler weather is on, whether you’re looking forward to enjoying pumpkin spice lattes or decorating your home for the holidays.

Take the countdown literally with Halloween advent calendars. The fun tradition just got even funnier, now that kids and adults alike can express their excitement for the spooky season. Although it’s only August and school is just getting started, searches for Halloween advent calendars are steadily increasing (up to 450% in the last 30 days alone) according to Google Trends.

From familiar characters like Snoopy and Harry Potter to creative new ways to count down to Halloween, there’s a calendar for everyone, whether you’re a certified scaredy cat or a scream queen.

Halloween advent calendars to shop in 2022

Advent Calendar “Hocus Pocus”

Take reading before bed to the next level with this “Hocus Pocus” advent calendar book. With secret flaps on every page filled with decorations, mini-books, keepsakes and other surprises, ring in spooky season with the Sanderson sisters.

“Harry Potter” Countdown to Halloween Advent Calendar

Ditch your Muggle title for 13 days of surprises with this ‘Harry Potter’ themed calendar. Inside each pocket are behind-the-scenes goodies, “magical keepsakes” and fun facts about the show that will have you jumping higher than a chocolate frog for joy.

JCPenney Hey Boo Advent Calendar

With a friendly ghost perched atop, this advent calendar offers a more neutral and minimalist approach to Halloween decor. Fill the pockets with treats or trinkets that kids can find while counting down the days until Halloween.

Sugarfina Haunted Candy Factory Advent Calendar

From graveyard cookies to sugar skulls, zombie brains and other spooky treats, your ghoul or ghost can open a box every day for eight days before Halloween – if they dare.

13 Day Funko Advent Calendar

Get ready for a horror-filled vacation with the characters that make it so. With over 3,000 verified five-star ratings on Amazon, this advent calendar is a hit with kids and adults alike. “What a great gift for horror fans,” said one reviewer.

Pottery Barn ‘Peanuts’ Halloween Advent Calendar for Kids

Use Woodstock and Snoopy to count down to the scariest day of the year as he moves from pocket to pocket. You can also choose to add a monogram or name for a more personalized touch to this Pottery Barn Kids calendar.

Halloween countdown to shopping

Witches Cauldron Countdown Timer

Cook up a different kind of holiday countdown by placing stickers on the cauldron with this economical, kid-friendly advent calendar. The cauldron is nearly two feet wide and long, making it hard to miss in your home.

Halloween Advent Calendar Garland

Create a visual way to count the days that can be hung anywhere in the home, from a fireplace, TV stand or bedroom shelf. Fill the bags with crayons, Halloween-themed erasers, treats, or other small items the kids would like to find.

Halloween Ouija Board Countdown

Use a magnetic clipboard and move through October 31 in this board game-inspired calendar. Crafted from wood, this board will match any spooky seasonal decor you have around your home, while adding to the weirdness of it all.

Vermont Christmas Company Halloween Countdown Calendar

You can have complete confidence knowing that Vermont Christmas Company knows how to make a great Advent Calendar. Countdown to Halloween with 31 windows to open each day of the month leading up to the holiday, with a verse from “It was the night before Halloween” in each.

Pipsticks Halloween Sticker Countdown

Your ghouls and guys will love sticking and coloring this 13 day countdown. With stickers of black cats, pumpkins, ghosts and more, time will fly by while your child has fun with the daily prompts provided inside.

Calendar Bags Halloween Countdown

Add a little creativity and a personal touch to your Halloween decorating with these canvas tote pouches from Etsy. Tuck in a dollar aisle trinket or fill it to the brim with candy. Turn one (or all!) of the bags into a scavenger hunt for the kids.

Disney Block Halloween Countdown

Disney lovers, young children and those who want to add a little whimsy to their home, this block countdown clock is a perfect decoration, especially with Mickey and Minnie Mouse helping to wind down the days leading up to Halloween.

Pottery Barn Children’s Ghostly Countdown Calendar

This customizable felt calendar comes with 31 pockets, perfect for storing the treats your little ones will discover every day. Decorated with ghosts, bats and stars, preparing for Halloween has never been so sweet.

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