2022 Calendars and Planners: Plan, Play and Save

Showcasing art, photography and historical nuggets, The Hindu Weekend’s selection of calendars and journals goes beyond the functional

They are more than just to keep track of the days. Some double as notepads, others inspire with pithy quotes, and still others are works of art. The makers for 2022 include the Lavazza calendar shot by Emmanuel Lubezki – the Oscar-winning cinematographer tackles climate change by shooting six artists and activists “who are committed to change.” Here is our selection of calendars and planners that not only help you keep track of big days and events, but often are collectibles on their own.

With contributions from Shilpa Nair Anand and Medha Kartha


2022 Calendars and Planners: Plan, Play and Save


Friends Tanya Kotnala and Tanya Singh have been creating limited edition calendars to celebrate Indian arts and crafts since 2017. This year the theme is Headgears of India. “These are not just fashion pieces, but ornamental coverings that often reflect cultural identity, power, prestige, status, spiritual beliefs, etc. Hats and headdresses communicate ideas,” Kotnala explains. . Each of the illustrations – from the Himachali cap to Mizoram’s Chawi Lukhum Vakiria – is accompanied by a short article. ₹ 665 at bhuli.myinstamojo.com

2022 Calendars and Planners: Plan, Play and Save

The spring palette

Illustrator Swatee Dey would love a fresh start this new year. And she channels her wish through her set of five calendars for 2022. Hand-painted by Dey, each comes with themes such as mindfulness, self-love, and positivity. Desk and wall calendars are priced at 529 and 599 respectively, while combo offers start from 1,049 (each order will also include freebies like coasters and fine art prints). On thespringpalette.com

2022 Calendars and Planners: Plan, Play and Save

Art by Apu

Apurva Anand has something special for their 46.3,000 Instagram followers. Her 2022 pack is a treat, with a calendar titled Country Charms (with rustic landscapes), a set of two bookmarks, four mini cards, and 10 mini fine art prints. While the pack is priced at 630, you can also grab individual items (Calendar at 630, Bookmarks at 250, Cards at 250, and Fine Art Prints at 550). On @artbyapu

2022 Calendars and Planners: Plan, Play and Save


“For all the crazy days we missed and the crazy days we have ahead of us!” Darjeeling-born illustrator Nori Norbhu’s Wilderness Calendar is fun and colorful, and the bold illustrations are all in nature. Each month also has an inspirational quote to set the mood. ₹ 549, at noriiart.com


2022 Calendars and Planners: Plan, Play and Save


From the colored concrete of Dhanraj Mahal (pigmented concrete) to the bas-reliefs of Eros Cinema, Mumbai is full of examples of Art Deco design. Find out more in the Art Deco Mumbai Trust 2022-2023 calendar. Highlighting 24 city districts, each photograph is illustrated with facts about architectural style, colors, and more. ₹ 225. To order, send an email to decomail@artdecomumbai.in

2022 Calendars and Planners: Plan, Play and Save


“We wanted to capture the essence of the city, the aspects that make it unique and phenomenal,” says Ashmitha Athreya, operations manager of Madras Inherited, an organization that works for awareness and conservation of heritage. The bilingual calendar not only lists the usual public holidays, but also identifies important dates for the history of the city. A special feature: each page turns into a postcard with a QR code that promises Athreya to reveal a surprise once scanned. ₹ 449 on @madrasinherited

2022 Calendars and Planners: Plan, Play and Save


Visual designer Nadine Gracias has just the perfect travel calendar – her Goan Windows illustrated calendar card set. Taking inspiration from the unique windows you can spot across the state, try to guess where each one came from (we spotted one from Saligao and another colorful example from Fontainhas). 450 plus shipping costs. To order, send him a DM on @thatgracias_studio

2022 Calendars and Planners: Plan, Play and Save


Seagull Books, the independent publishing house and bookstore based in Kolkata, turns 40. And to kick off the celebrations, their 2022 calendar celebrates life in the city. Birds and Beasts is designed by graphic artist and publisher Sunandini Banerjee, and the 12 digital collage artworks are also available as signed prints on archival paper (in editions of five, for 15,000). The calendar is 799 on seagullbooks.org


2022 Calendars and Planners: Plan, Play and Save

theInk bucket

Lush flora and colorful fauna fill Vidhi Khandelwal’s works of art. While her calendars are gorgeous, we have a soft spot for her hand-illustrated journals. This year, it’s offering three: Comfortably Wild (spot the big cats on the cover!), Birds in Paradise and Forest (with a gorgeous black and white cover). With vision boards, goal / plan pages, habit tracking tools and more, with every purchase comes a free sticker book as well. From 1899 (available in hardback and spiral versions) at theinkbucket.in

2022 Calendars and Planners: Plan, Play and Save

Alicia Souza

Covered in fabric and bound in Wiro Gold, the Ultimate Planner 2022 has textured pages to prevent ink bleeding, monthly mini wellness trackers, two pockets (front and back) for storing notes, and even more. There are also pages for jotting down highlights of the year and recording movies and books you’ve watched / read. And it comes with a 16 page sticker book. What is Alicia Souza’s merch without her iconic illustrations? 2,399 on aliciasouza.com

2022 Calendars and Planners: Plan, Play and Save

The June Shop

These undated agendas encourage you to celebrate the small victories. Along with pages dedicated to affirmations, goals, and more, there are also sticker sheets, a monthly gratitude and reflection section, and morning and evening ritual sections. For music lovers, a scannable Spotify code will provide you with motivational music. 1,499 on thejuneshop.com

2022 Calendars and Planners: Plan, Play and Save

Strictly necessary

The sustainable brand’s hardcover planner, Fresh Start, is pretty minimalist – with a simple brown cover and a sprinkle of artwork on every page. Designed to encourage mindfulness, it is aimed at those looking to lead “healthy and sustainable lives”. There’s room for a gratitude list, to identify everyday habits that produce waste (and how you can make changes), and even sustainability tips. 900 on barenecessities.in

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