6 font size calculators for better messages

When the message of your next presentation is clear, the only thing that shouldn’t stop you from sending your message is the typography or the font size.

The difference between designs that stand out on the web and those that don’t is simple. The ones that stand out have the right font size, font style, and line height. But how do you know what is working and what is not?

Here, we’ll take a look at six font size calculators that you can use to help you out.

GRT computer screen

As a design system calculator, the Golden Ratio Typography Calculator (GRT) not only helps you discover the perfect typography for your website, but also provides the fundamentals you will need for every project.

You can enter your current font, font size, and content width to determine the right typography you need for the website.

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You can experiment with new fonts and sizes on any available device, and you’ll be able to send better messages to your audience. Because, let’s face it: font size and style matter.

a view of the type scale calculator

Developed by Jeremy Church, A Visual Type Scale is a type tool that helps you develop responsive sites for mobile apps, desktop apps, desktop sites, and other work like portfolios.

It helps improve typography on the web and ensures that your REM value is relative to the font size, which you will need for any CSS. You’ll also find additional resources here like a PX to EM converter tool and a free web font and font generator.


a view of leserlich font size calculator

You can use the Leserlich Font Size Calculator to calculate and test easily accessible font sizes in smartphones, books, magazines, tablets, desktop screens, posters and signs.

Another benefit of using this font size calculator is that it helps you identify inclusive font sizes that comply with the German DIN 1450 standard.

Offered by the German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted, this font size calculator is an attempt to make the web a much more inclusive place.

a typographic scale calculator screen

This font size calculator is unique in that it helps you find the right font size match from a harmonious character scale inspired by the ways of music.

Choosing a font size from a modular scale is important because it is essential for maintaining consistency and contrast in a typographic job.

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This is because certain proportions and sizes appeal to our eyes in the same way that music appeals to our audible sensibilities. You can assign different typographic elements like title, caption and caption to send better messages and create responsive sites.

gridlover view

If you are a designer, you must know about this fantastic tool called Gridlover which makes your design look harmonious and well balanced.

You will be able to create brilliant designs and choose the right font size, line height, and scale factor sliders for your work. Another thing you would love about Gridlover is its interface. It loads instantly and is completely free.

a view of the modular scale calculator

You can use this calculator as a plugin, or directly on the web, to get accurate results. It works by creating a set of numbers on the scale calculator which can be used as a ruler.

You will need to enter the base size and the scale ratio to get the visual results of the typography that best suits your project.

Originally designed for web designers to help them size their text meaningfully, this site does wonders for anyone trying to find the right typography.

It’s easy to select the right font size

Good design has everything to do with the right font size. As a designer, it is often difficult to find the right font size and style. The six font size calculators make this an easy affair.

They are all very useful and will give you a plethora of smoother sizing options for your policy. Pick the one that best suits your needs and helps you create aesthetic and cohesive designs.

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