AUSTINTexas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller today announced that the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) will provide additional assistance to National School Lunch Program and Child and Adult Food Program partners this year. Using the provisions of the new Keep Kids Fed Act (KKFA), TDA will increase federal reimbursements for meals served and providing meal flexibilities when partners face supply chain disruptions.

“Making sure Texans have access to healthy, nutritious food is my priority, and our partners play an important role in that mission with TDA. They should not be penalized for circumstances beyond their control. My team will work with our partners to ensure our children are well nourished and not deprived,” Miller said.

The KKFA is planning a 15-cent increase in school breakfast reimbursements and a 40-cent increase in school lunch reimbursements for meals served in the 2022-23 school year. In addition, child care providers operating the child and adult nutrition program will receive an additional 10 cents for each eligible meal and snack served, while some child care providers will continue to receive the higher reimbursement rate for meals that was available during the 2021-2022 school year.

TDA will not penalize schools when supply chain issues prevent them from serving meals that meet required eating habits. Commissioner Miller is committed to providing all available assistance to nutrition program partners as well as any other statewide program waivers that the U.S. Department of Agriculture provides during this program year. .

The KKFA has not granted the necessary waivers for schools to provide free meals to children as they have done during the pandemic. Families should start submitting a request for free and reduced-price meals again, unless their student’s school is using the community eligibility provision to serve free meals to all students. Applications are available from the school and should be submitted as soon as possible.

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