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Amplify Acquires Desmos Math Curriculum; Desmos calculators will come loose, stand free

Curriculum and assessment provider Amplify today announced that it has acquired the digital math curriculum and instructional technology from Desmos, and said Desmos calculators will be spun off as Desmos Studios. and will remain free to use.

Amplify and Desmos will “deeply integrate” their program’s technology and content, according to a press release; the combined curriculum, based on Illustrative Math’s K-12 math standards, will include Amplify’s STEM curriculum and Desmos’ digital tools and pedagogical approach. Desmos technology will also “power new ways of creative and collaborative learning in Amplify’s next generation of basic science and literacy programs,” the company said.

The teacher resources dashboard on is rebranded as Desmos Classroom and will continue to provide free lesson creation tools; Amplify said it will add more educational content, professional learning resources, and classroom learning tools to Desmos Classroom in the future.

The terms of the contract are not disclosed.

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