Bangor High School Civil Rights Team Creates Calendars to Help Celebrate Diverse History and Culture

The Bangor High School Civil Rights Team has been hard at work this year, collecting materials to help their community celebrate African American History Month, Women’s History Month and beyond. They recently created several content calendars, including read-aloud picture books to help elevate and celebrate diverse histories and cultures.

To assemble the calendars, the group sought out other calendars featuring content related to diversity, equity and inclusion issues and content that would align with the mission of the Civil Rights Team Project.

“For the ‘Celebrating Black Stories’ calendar, we looked specifically for videos featuring the author or illustrator reading aloud to maintain authenticity,” said Stephanie Hendrix, professor of English and counselor for the civil rights team at Bangor High. School. “We also looked at a number of different book lists for recommendations, and we paid particular attention to the Coretta Scott King Award winners.”

The information was gathered from a variety of sources in the hope of creating user-friendly resources for teachers and students in their school community to help them think about and talk about issues related to race and color. skin, national origin and ancestry, disability and gender. .

Here are some of the calendars for February and March, but the band has calendars for the other months as well:

PDF versions of calendars and other relevant activities to help celebrate:

“The students on my team and I understand how important it is for everyone to feel safe and welcome in our school community, and one of the ways we can help people not only feel included , but also celebrated, is to find opportunities for them to be seen – whether through the stories we read and bring to class, the poems we share that speak of the human experience, or the calendar events that help us understand that our normalcy may not be everyone else’s,” Hendrix said. “Ultimately, we don’t know what we don’t know, and the research the Civil Rights team conducted to collect and preserve these records has helped us all learn more about the diversity of our school community and about the importance of seeing and celebrating each other’s complex humanity.

To learn more about creating a civil rights team at a Maine school, visit the Maine Attorney General website or reach out to Project director Brandon Baudouin at For copies of other calendars, contact Stephanie Hendrix at

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