Bench Dedication Program – City of Lloydminster

How do I request a bench dedication? Complete the online form bench dedication request form. Alternatively, you can save a copy to post or email to the Parks and Green Spaces department. What are the associated costs?

Costs associated with the Bench Dedication Program vary by park and available bench styles.

How can I request the installation of a new bench in a new location? Donors may request an area for the installation of a new bench. The City then consults with planners and operations staff to find a suitable location in the requested area. Why aren’t benches available in all City parks? Benches can only be installed in City parks and green spaces. Some parks and spaces containing a high number of existing benches will not be eligible for the installation of additional new benches. However, these parks may have existing benches available for dedication. How long will my dedication plaque be displayed on a bench? The dedication term of a plaque is 10 years from the date of installation of the bench plaque or the useful life of the bench, whichever comes first. Within this period, the dedicated bench will be maintained by the City at its original location, or in an area close to its original location. What happens to my plate after the term?

A notice may be sent to the donor at the end of the dedication period to determine if the donor wishes the plaque

income. The Donor is responsible for informing the City of any change of address so that such contact can be established.

I will not be renewing my dedication mandate. How can I get my plate? At the end of the signing period, the plaque will be removed to allow for further signings and/or the removal or replacement of the bench. The Donor may request that the plate be returned to him by contacting:
  • City of Lloydminster
    Parks and green spaces
    6623 52 Street
    Lloydminster, AB T9V 3T8
What do my signing fees cover? Dedication fees cover the purchase, installation, maintenance and administrative costs of approved benches and plaques, whether new or existing. The dedication fee is based on the average cost of purchase, installation and maintenance by City resources of a standard bench for a period of 10 years or the useful life of the bench, depending on the first possibility. Will I receive a tax receipt? Bench dedications are tax deductible and an official receipt will be issued by the City. My dedication plaque has been vandalized or stolen. What should I do?

If a bench is damaged, disfigured or destroyed to such an extent that, in the opinion of the administration, a replacement is necessary, this will be done at no cost to the donor.

In the event of recurring vandalism, the City reserves the right to move a bench or a plaque, in the event that such a move proves necessary (i.
maintenance upgrades, etc.). The City will attempt to contact the donor for consultation before moving the bench.

How do I pay for my dedication plaque/bench? The donation can be made in cash, by cheque, by postal order, by debit or credit card. Once the city and donor have finalized all plaque and dedication details, an invoice will be sent to the donor with payment information. Full payment is required prior to bench and plaque installation. Will I get a refund if I change my mind after payment? The City will refund the payment if the donor cancels their request no later than 14 days after the date their payment was received by the City. How long does it take to install the plate and/or the bench?

Each request is unique and installation times may vary. Requests for new benches will require additional processing time. Please contact the Parks and Green Spaces department for more details on installation times specific to your request.

Typically, bench and plate installations will only take place between May and October. Benches and plates are installed in the order in which requests are received. The City may not be able to install the plaque during the first May to October period after an application is approved due to constraints such as labor capacity and weather.

What type of regular maintenance is carried out for the signing benches?

Bench maintenance includes:

  • Inspection, repair/refurbishment and/or replacement of bench materials as needed
  • Repair, refurbishment and/or replacement of the dedication plaque as needed
  • Repair and refurbishment resulting from acts of vandalism, as required

Bench maintenance does not include:

  • Site maintenance such as snow removal, lawn maintenance and upkeep of the entire park/green space
  • Bench cleaning to remove surrounding dust, dirt or debris
  • Any additional coloring to modify, darken or enrich the color or tint of the coating

Donors can report these incidents to the City by calling the Parks and Green Spaces Department.

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