Best flash games to play online

Playing flash games is the best way to have fun in your spare time. Nothing can be more relaxing than sitting down and playing some of these games online. If you also want to play such games, you can do so on your laptop or desktop. All you need for this is a stable internet connection. Just like mario games online, there are many other popular flash games that you can play online like Stick Cricket and Tetris. So here is the list of the best flash games that you can play online:

# 1: Tetris

Everyone has heard of this game. There is hardly anyone who has not played this in their childhood. So if you like this block building game, you can play Tertis online. It is one of the most popular flash games that a lot of people love. Bricks of different sizes and shapes are falling. You need to rotate or move them so that they can create a suitable wall with no space in between. The game is quite interesting and gets difficult as the levels increase.

# 2: Mario

Do you remember the game? It is really hard to forget such a game which made childhood super exciting. It is surely the most popular game with millions of fans. The popularity of this game is still the same and many people want to play this game online. Now you can play the mario games online again at The protagonist of this game is Mario who travels through different areas and pipelines to collect gold coins escaping different animals here and there. It is a great game that you will surely love to play. There are many Mario parts and sequels available on this website. You can choose one and start playing today.

# 3: tennis

Another popular flash game that you will surely love to play is the online tennis game. It’s like the real game of tennis where you have an opponent standing on the other side of the court. Either you serve the ball or the opponent. Everyone must make sure to hit the ball every time it arrives in their court to send it to theirs. Missing a shot can earn your opponent a point. So it is a simple but quite interesting game that you can play online.

# 4: Stick Cricket

Another amazing sports game that you can play is batting cricket. It is one of the most popular games that many users play frequently. People love to play this game. For Americans there is also the Stick Baseball version. It is a game where the batsman stands upright and the opponent will bowling. Either hit or miss, or you can even get out.

So here are the 4 best flash games you can play online. You can play Tetris or mario games online or even sports games if that interests you. These are the best games that most people play. It’s the best way to kill time and have fun.

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