Bluffs Board approves school calendars, Chromebook purchase and HVAC work | Education

Last week, the Council Bluffs Community School District school board approved school calendars for the next two school years.

A public hearing on the schedules was held on February 8.

Both schedules meet the standard to start the school year on or after August 23, as required by state law, and include more than the minimum 1,080 instructional hours.

According to the 2022-23 calendar, school will start on August 23 this fall and end on May 25, 2023. Winter break will last 13 days – including weekends – and spring break will last five days, including also includes a weekend. Instruction hours will add up to 2.6 extra days, so about 2.5 days could be taken off for snow or other conditions without adding days at the end of the year.

The 2023-24 calendar is very similar. School will start on August 23 and end on May 24. Winter break will again total 13 days, including weekends, and spring break will cover five days, including a weekend. Teaching hours will amount to an additional 4.12 days.

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More than 800 district staff responded to a survey on the two options, according to council documents. The response was fairly even, with 44.4% expressing a preference for the option similar to this year’s calendar and 49.9% voting for an alternative proposal with a five-day spring break in March and a slightly shorter winter break. . A total of 5.4% expressed no preference.

Members of the Superintendent’s Roundtable also provided feedback and indicated a strong preference for ending the school year before Memorial Day, as well as providing opportunities for three-day weekends in February and March.

In other cases counsel:

Approved Roosevelt Elementary HVAC system upgrades totaling $981,543, including base package and three alternatives. The contract will go to Grunwald Mechanical of Omaha, who submitted the lowest of three bids.

Approved to purchase Chromebooks for the 2022-2023 school year from CDW-G at a cost of $945,550, the lower of two offers. This includes 650 Acer C734T-C483 Chromebooks, 2,250 Acer C734-C0FD Chromebooks, 200 Acer R853TA-P3R1 Chromebooks, and licenses for 3,100 Google Chrome OS management console units.

Approval of an amended contract with Meyer Building Solutions to include renovations to the alternative school in Kanesville in the amount of $112,000. The rate of pay for previously contracted work on the early learning center and security system remains the same.

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