Check out the net price calculators to get an idea of ​​college costs

Nov. 16 – NEWBERRY – High school students can get an idea of ​​how much it can cost to attend college by using a school’s net price calculator, according to KHEAA.

The US Department of Education requires all colleges to have a calculator on their websites.

Online calculators are a useful tool in determining what may be the estimated costs, including scholarships, as well as low interest loans. It is important to remember that the calculation is only an estimate, but it can be useful when students are choosing the right school for their education.

Students and parents must enter information about the student’s academic record and parents’ finances to get a net price estimate for the cost of attending a trade school, two-year community college or a four-year school.

Families should look for the net price, not the net cost.

The net price is the amount a family can expect to pay for a student’s technical or college education, including any loans. The net cost will be lower than the net price because the net cost does not include loans, which must be repaid.

KHEAA is a public not-for-profit agency established in 1966 to improve students’ access to university. It provides information on financial aid and financial literacy at no cost to students and parents.

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