Cheshire Seniors and Veterans Tax Work Program plans undecided /

CHESHIRE, Mass .– Details of the Senior / Veteran Tax Work Program are still undecided, which could delay its launch until fiscal 2024.

Selectmen’s board of directors discussed the exit program at length at its meeting on Tuesday and decided that there was still a lot of work to be done before the city could implement it.

“We haven’t worked on this for a little while, but it has resurfaced,” Selectman Jason Levesque said.

Once implemented, the program would allow eligible seniors aged 60 and over to work in the community with payment in the form of a lower tax bill. Several members suggested involving other councils in the planning process, with Selectman Mark Biagini recommending that the city start over.

“There are a lot of variables that I think it was rushed on,” he said. “I think we should start from scratch, come up with numbers on how we want to have it, a fixed amount for the budget, or how many people can be involved and figure out the budget that way.”

City officials have been debating for some time how to implement the program approved by the city assembly, as nearly a quarter of the city’s residents could benefit from it. The idea was shelved earlier this year.

So far, no specific budget amount has been decided for the program. The maximum amount a participant can earn through the program is $ 1,500.

“We had mentioned in the past that, in order to implement this properly, we had to have an established budget,” said Lévesque. “The things that would come into play would be your number of eligible applicants or a cap on applicants. This should be discussed as you need to set a certain limit for this depending on what you are budgeting for.”

The council discussed the income threshold for the program, initially set at 400 percent of the federal poverty level, as a potential issue. Board Trustee Robin Wadsworth said the original wording of the vote at the town meeting did not actually include that number, meaning the town can change it without needing to vote to new.

“The age has been approved and the maximum amount for maximum credit,” she said. “These were actually put there.”

Another issue raised by the council was to avoid layoffs with jobs offered by the city for the work-off program. Previous plans had drawn up a list of potential jobs for program participants to choose from.

“A lot of the work that’s going on here is already underway,” Biagini said.

Selectman Raymond Killeen said that once the board decides on a core job list, there should be an open application question focusing on specific skills.

“I think if we come up with these formal jobs that are automatic, then as a unique you would have on the app that you could put OK, I list any special skills you might have,” he said. he declares. “If they are listed, maybe there is an exception that could be made due to special skills that someone might be able to use. But if people come in and out, yes I think you must first have these basic responsibilities in order to have the structure around the program.

Also discussed at the meeting, council members voted unanimously to move their meeting day from Tuesday to Wednesday.

The board deferred discussion of the host community’s agreement with Mass Yield Cultivation until a later meeting. The cannabis grower is planning outdoor cultivation and greenhouses on Wells Road.

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