CISCE gives major relief to students, allows scientific calculators for semester 1 exams

Giving great relief to the students who will take the Class 12 Indian School Certificate (ISC) exams in the coming year, the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has enabled them to ” use scientific calculators during their semester 1 exams.

CISCE, which organizes the ISC Class 12 exams, said: “This refers to the conduct of the ISC (Class XII) exam of the year 2021-2022 of semester 1. This is to confirm that the candidates are allowed to use Casio fx-82 MS (scientific calculator) or calculators from other brands with similar functions. The big decision notification was launched on November 24.

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The semester 1 exams for ISC class 12 students started on Monday, November 22 and will run until December 20. According to the board, students taking the exam will have 10 minutes to read the quiz, after which a question sheet and answer booklet will be made available to them. The semi-annual exam will take the form of multiple choice questions.

Each candidate must take the exams for Semester I and Semester 2. This is the first time that the board exams have been split into two semesters. Candidates will need to take both of these exams to qualify for the final certification.

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The exams for the first semester take place now while the second will take place in March / April of next year. Semester 1 takes place in the multiple choice question format (MCQ), in which candidates will receive question-and-answer booklets. Students should mark and write the answers on these notebooks only.

CISCE will provide all general guidance regarding the paper question-answer booklet on the letterhead. Once the exam has started, candidates must write their unique identification number and index number at the top of the sheet in the space provided. of the question book – cum – answers in the space provided.

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