Crop yield calculators show immediate results

Agriculture Victoria’s seasonal risk agronomist Dale Boyd said early estimation of grain yield is an important agronomic tool to use now.

“There are many methods available for farmers to estimate the yield of various crops, from quick and relatively simple methods to more detailed and complicated methods,” Boyd said.

In his “Guide to Estimating Crop Yields,” Boyd shares his simple, empirical method.

“This can be done relatively quickly with the use of a ruler and a smart device, thus eliminating the use of paper and pen which can get wet during harvest,” he said.

“This type of yield estimate is one of the easiest and fastest to perform and can be used in a number of situations in grain paddocks,” he said.

“Farmers need accurate yield estimates for a number of reasons, but after observing crop growth during the winter, now is the best time to analyze paddock performance.

“An immediate feedback on crop yield is produced, and by evaluating a number of paddocks it will become evident which factors are impacting the season and the crop.

“Critical analysis during grain filling will identify whether projected yield estimates could be achieved or whether other agronomic issues are affecting the crop.

“Understanding moisture levels using soil moisture probes at grain filling level can help predict grain quality prospects and plan harvest logistics and storage requirements,” Boyd said.

Step by step instructions for using the Crop Yield Calculator can be found by visiting

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