Davenport DREAM Program in the Fourth Application Round

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — The final round of applications for Davenport’s Neighborhood Revitalization Program is underway, aimed at sprucing up about 40 homes.

The eligible project area extends from Bridge Avenue to Fairmount Street.

“The pitch I would do is, you know, if you need your whole house repainted, or if you need new siding, or a certain number of windows, a porch,” Bruce said. Berger, director of community and economic development for the city. of Davenport. “It’s high-scoring stuff that really has appeal.”

The DREAM Project has $900,000 in municipal and federal funds to offer those who apply. Funding comes from grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, as well as city funds for capital improvement projects.

The city is working with homeowners to nail down the projects, with a cap of $20,000 per home.

“A lot of the time it’s about figuring out what things your home needs,” Berger said. “What are the things that fit the program, then get bids on those, come up with work plans.”

Nadia is a Davenport resident who is one of more than 130 people who have completed a DREAM project.

“I think it’s a really fantastic program, because it’s not income-based,” Nadia said. “So it was really helping people who, you know, are struggling to get by and just need that bit of help to recover from maintaining their properties.”

Her DREAM project has her house re-clad and windows redone. She says she worked with the city to choose colors and patterns that maintain the “integrity” of the house. The neighbors took note.

“A domino effect. Absolutely,” Nadia said. “My neighbour, she applied last year after I told her I got her. And then two neighbors across the way. They also applied and are hoping to make it and so it will have such an impact in this small area to make all those homes look refreshed and new.

It is important to note that the DREAM program can take some time, with COVID and supply chain issues, Nadia’s project took about two years from the time she submitted her application.

The city says it expects the final round of projects to start in 2023.

You can find a map of the eligible area and a link to applications, as well as more information, at the city ​​website here. You can apply until June 3.

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