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The holidays are still a long way off, but that’s not stopping our favorite brands from rolling out their advent calendars earlier than ever. From the coveted jam-filled Bonne Maman beauty that arrived in August (yes, August!) to the adult-only products from Lovehoney that just launched this week, calendars are coming. But the a we have our hearts (and our cups) on? The David’s Tea 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar ($55) which is a tea drinker’s dream come true.

For sure, the tea giant’s advent calendars literally sell out every year before retailers even had a chance to have Halloween pumpkins and decorations on the shelves. They’re finally back and they’re just as comfy as last year, promising 24 days of steamy, instantly soothing tea, including brand bestsellers, seasonal favorites and limited-edition blends you can’t. get that while on vacation.

This year, you have two fun options to choose from. First there’s the 24-Day Caffeine-Free Calendar ($55), which has some seriously delicious flavors you’ll want to whip up right away. Don’t spoil the surprise, but expect an exciting blend for all your cravings, sweet Butterscotch Chai, Sleepy Lychee and a Hibiscus Splash that will take you back to summer with a sip.

If you want that caffeine fix, there’s also the 24 Day Matcha Advent Calendar ($65), so you can get your green tea fix. Similar to the decaffeinated option, there’s a sweet surprise behind every door, including not-so-traditional matchas like Banana Matcha, Maple Matcha, and Sugar Cookie Matcha. Mmm.

Both calendars come packaged in festive boxes adorned with holiday prints (think: tiny pins, stockings and ribbons, etc.), so you don’t even have to wrap them. (If you choose to part with it, of course.) Whether you’re getting into holiday shopping or looking to discover new blends, David’s Tea Advent Calendars are the perfect gift for you or your fellow tea-lovers. Some tea. Don’t sleep on it, these calendars tend to sell out quickly, well before the first day of December, so you’ll want to secure yours before it’s gone for the season. Get them while they’re hot, just your first cup will be!

Hurry—Get your David’s Tea Advent Calendar here

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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