DVIDS – News – NEXCOM Prepares for Next Phase of Maternity Pilot Program

In the seventh month of the U.S. Navy Maternity Pilot Program (MPP), the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) begins the process of accepting incoming completed uniforms and how it will evaluate exit procedures. As early MPP participants begin returning their batch of used uniform items, NEXCOM is responsible for determining the items’ continued usage and follow-up distribution.

NEXCOM facilitates the functionality of managing, distributing and customizing MPP’s uniform inventory, which also includes the administrative tasks of shipping and tracking uniform items. The number of current MPP participants is nearly 300, with over 400 expected by the end of the year. NEXCOM currently supports the issuance of US Navy maternity uniforms as well as US Marine Corps uniforms for sailors attached to USMC units.

“NEXCOM is leading the charge as the U.S. Navy is currently the only military service in full operation of its Maternity Pilot Program, creating the policies and procedures to help better serve our pregnant shipmates,” said Cmdr. Terri Gabriel, Deputy Commander, Uniform Programs for NEXCOM. “The team is holding its own, and now seven months later we are ready to begin accepting completed maternity uniforms for evaluation and reassignment. At this point the NEXCOM team is running a number of simulations in order to s Ensure all maternity items are evaluated through a rigorous review process to ensure fit, form and function before being reissued.

In preparation for this procedural function, associates from NEXCOM Headquarters and NCTRF traveled to NEXCOM’s Southeast Distribution Center in Pensacola, Florida to wargame the evolution to ensure a successful transition. Attendees of the Wargaming event collaborated on how best to process returned MPP uniforms and prepare them for reissue.

Each maternity uniform that is returned after being worn will undergo a detailed insurance inspection by a NEXCOM subject matter expert based on criteria created by the Navy (NCTRF) from NEXCOM. After uniforms pass initial inspection, military insignia will be removed and all minor repairs will be made prior to laundering. Once washed, the uniforms will undergo a second quality assurance inspection and, if successful, will be sent to the Southeast distribution center to be restocked and ready to be reissued to another MPP participant. If a uniform item fails QA inspection and cannot be reissued, it will be properly disposed of.

In mid-July, NEXCOM hosted representatives from the Navy Uniform Matters Office and the Defense Logistics Agency as well as the Army and Air Force. This event showcased current NEXCOM processes and the mechanics of the only ongoing maternity program in the US Armed Forces.

The MPP will run until September 30, 2026. Questions regarding the MPP application process should be sent to Navy_MPP.fct@navy.mil.

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