Flash Games: How To Play Flash Games After Adobe “Kills” Them Forever In 2020

Adobe officially killed Flash player on December 31, 2020. All major browsers have also been removed Flash support either at the same time or in early 2021. With the end of Flash support, websites that offer Flash content like games and animation have no choice but to remove them as well.
Wondering where this leaves some of the popular Flash games that you grew up playing? Don’t worry, here are some ways you can use to keep playing these games
Online method: archives website
The Internet Archives website is the new website for Flash content as the website has started collecting Flash games, applications and animations. Those interested can use / play them by emulation.
To play Flash games, users simply need to visit “https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_flash”, click on the game they want to play and start.
Offline method: contentious point of BlueMaxima
Another useful option is Flashpoint software from BlueMaxima. This is an online game preservation project launched in January 2018. Its database now includes more than 70,000 games and around 8,000 animations from 20 different platforms, including Flash.
Flashpoint is available in two versions: Flashpoint Ultimate 9.0 and Flashpoint Infinity 9.0. The Ultimate version weighs in at 478GB for download and drops to 532GB when checked out, while the Infinity version is much lighter with a download size of 500MB and expands to 2GB after installation.
Users can download the software from: https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/downloads. Once installed on their system, they can play all Flash games in the Flashpoint database offline.

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