Hardbacon acquires Findmytotal.com to expand its portfolio of financial calculators

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MONTREAL, Dec. 16 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Hardbacon, a personal finance application used by more than 30,000 Canadians, today announced the acquisition of Findmytotal.com, introducing an expanded offering of financial tools.

As part of this partnership, Hardbacon has leveraged Findmytotal.com’s proprietary technology to expand its library of financial calculators to help Canadians get the most out of their financial planning, mortgage, investments, their loans and more. Hardbacon’s library currently includes nearly 30 calculators that allow Canadians to calculate everything from personal loans and investment fees to vacation savings, to name a few.

The acquisition reinforces Hardbacon’s commitment to helping Canadians take responsibility for their personal finances. The addition also allows Hardbacon to expand its offering of financial tools that are most important to Canadians.

“This acquisition is another step that accelerates Hardbacon’s commitment to helping Canadians take responsibility for their personal finances and allows us to serve them through a unique set of tools,” said Hardbacon CEO Julien Brault . “By purchasing Findmytotal.com, we have access to a library of financial calculators and we will be able to launch more tools faster with access to their technology and their team.”

Founded by Sanam Patel, Findmytotal.com is a website providing the public with a wide range of scientific and financial calculators. Their dedicated team takes advantage of the latest technology to create easy-to-use calculators and will be an integral part of the Hardbacon team to create new ones.

“This is a unique opportunity to share the power of Findmytotal.com with a large audience and we are delighted to benefit from Hardbacon’s reputation and expertise in the financial field in Canada,” said Patel. “Hardbacon shares our passion for helping everyone take care of their finances and we look forward to growing with them. “

Financial calculators work in a few simple steps. Canadians can now access the financial calculator library at hardbacon.ca.

Here is the full list of Hardbacon’s financial calculators to date: Net worth calculator; Retirement planning calculator; Avalanche debt repayment calculator; CMHC Mortgage Insurance Calculator; Auto loan calculator; Return on investment calculator; Personal loan calculator; Black-Scholes Options Calculator; TFSA savings calculator; Simple interest calculator; Currency exchange rate calculator; Mortgage calculator; Vacation savings calculator; Retirement withdrawal calculator; Life insurance calculator; Canadian Sales Tax (GST / PST) Calculator; RRSP savings calculator; Investment cost calculator; RRSP loan calculator; Credit card reimbursement calculator; Mortgage qualification calculator; Compound interest calculator; FIRE calculator; Automatic investment plan calculator; Pay off debts or invest calculator and emergency fund calculator.

About Hardbacon

Bacon Financial Technologies, better known by its brand name Hardbacon, is dedicated to helping Canadians make better financial decisions, get richer and achieve their financial goals. The company, which has secured $ 2.4 million in funding, markets a mobile app that connects to its users’ accounts and helps them plan, budget and invest. Hardbacon also allows its users to compare different financial services such as credit cards, bank accounts, online brokers, and robo-advisers. The company also markets its technology to financial institutions to help them accelerate their digital transformation.


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