Here’s how you can play old flash games after Adobe Flash Player recently discontinued

Most of us spent our teens playing computer games, be it cooking games, racing games, dress up games, or parking games. We have fond memories of spending hours sitting in front of the computer and getting lost in the virtual world.

But Adobe killed Flash Player on December 31, 2020. Even web browsers have removed support for Flash. That means you won’t be able to play your favorite Flash games online anymore, right? Wrong! We have a nifty way for you to play your favorite childhood games on your laptop or computer, even without Flash! Read on to find out how.

You can easily read your old Flash content with FlashPoint. It is a free program that has an archive of flash games and animations. It is best for those who have a Windows PC. (Experimental versions for Mac and Linux are also available).

FlashPoint runs a Flash “spotlight”. To use it, you will need to download one of the packages available on the website. Click the “download” button on the Flashpoint website. Then unzip it.


Once unzipped, click on “start Flashpoint”. You can now search for your favorite game and start playing!

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