‘Insidious 5’ release date revealed – Mark your calendars

Insidious 5 was previously greenlit, and now an official release date has been revealed. According to a press release from Sony Pictures, Insidious 5 is set to debut on July 7, 2023. Additionally, series star Patrick Wilson — who plays father Josh Lambert — is set to direct.

New Insidious the film will be the sequel to Insidious (2010) and Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013), as Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015) and Insidious: The Last Key (2018) are both prequels to the first two films. Although few plot details are known at this time, according to a brief synopsis, Insidious 5 will be “centered around a now-adult Dalton Lambert (Ty Simpkins) as he heads off to college.” While Simpkins and Wilson are set to return to their franchise roles, it’s currently unclear if Rose Byrne will return as Renai Lambert, Josh’s wife and Dalton’s mother.

In other recent horror movie news, Paramount+ has released an eerie first trailer for Orphan: first murdera prequel to the cult classic horror film Orphan, from 2009. The film brings back actress Isabelle Fuhrman as Esther, a mysterious girl with violent tendencies who preys on an unsuspecting family who have lost their child. In addition to Fuhrman, the new film also stars Julia Stiles, Rossif Sutherland, and Hiro Kanagawa.

In a synopsis for the film, Paramount Pictures explains, “The terrifying saga of Esther continues in this thrilling prequel to the original and shocking horror hit. Orphenm After orchestrating a brilliant escape from an Estonian mental institution, Esther travels to America posing as the missing daughter of a wealthy family. Yet an unexpected twist arises that pits him against a mother who will protect her family from the murderous ‘child’ at all costs.” This film is set to debut on Paramount+ and in limited theaters on August 19. Fans can relive the dark and twisty original film anytime on the streaming service. Those wishing to try a free trial of Paramount+ can do so by click here.

Paramount+ currently has a number of great horror films, in addition to Orphanincluding the A silent place movies and Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin, a new entry in the modern horror franchise. The streamer also has Scream (2022) a sequel/reboot that premiered in theaters earlier this year. Subscribers to the streaming service can now watch the hit film anytime. Notably, Paramount+ also includes the rest of the Scream the franchise movies as well, so fans can also check out Movies 1-4 in addition to 5.

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