Leafreport launches 4 CBD calculators to help consumers choose the right product

The dedicated CBD portal, Leafreport, has launched four calculators designed to help consumers determine if the contents of their CBD products match their labels, find out their individualized CBD dosage, and decide if the products they buy are worth the price based on the potency of the CBD. Newly launched calculators serve as tools to complement previous Leafreport reports.

the Dosage calculator is destined to accompany the dosing report which found that over 42% of CBD users self-determine the dosage based on trial and error and that 71% of CBD users determine the dosage themselves without consulting a professional. The report also revealed that 48% of CBD users take the same dose each time they consume CBD. The calculator allows users to determine what may be the best individual dosage for themselves or their pets.

Leafreport’s support year-end summary reportwho found that 60% of products are mislabeled, the lab result calculator provides information on the accuracy of CBD content.

Following the results of the latest Leafreport report price ratiot, who found a 11,142% price difference between cheapest and most expensive CBD brandsthe Price calculator allows users to determine if they are paying a fair price for their favorite CBD products.

Leafreport’s Power Calculator allows users to measure the CBD concentration of a product.

“After reviewing the results of some of our most recent surveys, we knew releasing these calculators was the next logical step,” Gal Shapira, product manager at Leafreport. “Leafreport’s goal has always been to increase transparency in the CBD market and these calculators help further that mission by giving consumers a way to test rates and test products for themselves.”

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