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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Macon County is working to reduce unemployment in the area by putting workers in the right jobs.

“Any time we can hire someone who is underemployed or unemployed and self-employed, everyone wins,” said Rocki Wilkerson.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 3,000 Decatur residents are unemployed. But new funding will help workers get the skills they need to apply for hundreds of job vacancies.

The county council approved a $575,000 economic development grant for job training. Macon County residents can attend classes and certification programs for free, or even earn money while they train.

“The first part is job training, which we pay them to attend. Which leads to on-the-job work experience, which we pay them to attend. At this point, you hope the employer then hires them, full-full time, you work,” says Rocki.

The new Workforce Investment Solutions program will not only impact workers, but the entire community.

“Every time you apply for grants like this to bring skills training locally, it benefits everyone. The community, the county, and most importantly our customers,” Rocki said.

The training program begins immediately, and business owners soon hope to hire graduates to fill critical positions. If you would like to apply for the new program, call Workforce Investment Solutions at 217-875-8751 for an application.

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