Middletown launches progressive residential tax program

JThe City of Middletown’s new Progressive Residential Tax Program (TRTP) is now live.

The program was approved late last year by city council to help ease the tax burden for full-time residents.

In order to qualify, eligible candidates must be registered voters in the city of Middletown. They must also make their home here their primary residence and live in Middletown for at least six months a year.

According to city figures, there are 3,000 to 4,000 properties eligible to apply. The deadline is close of business May 2 to submit documents to the Tax Assessor’s Office, 350 East Main Road, Town Hall, Middletown, RI 02842.

“This is one of those issues that seems to impact everyone, and City Council has come up with a solution that directly helps the people who live here,” said City Administrator Shawn J. Brown. . “We want to make sure that as many eligible people apply for this benefit as it is really about helping our residents.”

City officials said the program does not add new money to tax rolls. Rather, the residential tax burden is shifted from residents to those who own second homes in Middletown.

To ensure a smooth rollout of the program, tax assessor George Durgin has put together an easy-to-follow question and answer sheet to answer some of the most common questions about the program. Among those included:

  • When does the TRTP come into effect? The TRTP will go into effect with the 2022 tax bill that owners typically receive in August.
  • I believe I am eligible to receive the TRTP benefit. What should I do to save on my residential tax bill? Applications are available at the Tax Assessor’s Office at City Hall, 350 East Main Road and on the Tax Assessor’s website at https://mdl.town/TRTP in line.
  • Does the TRTP cancel or affect other tax exemptions I receive from the City? No. The TRTP is in addition to other tax exemptions for veteran status, disabilities, or similar relief provided by the City.
  • How do I know if my TRTP application has been accepted? Your tax bill, which should be mailed in August, will reflect any changes resulting from the TRTP. Beforehand, you should receive by post a postcard from the City describing your TRTP status.
  • My property is in a trust. Can I benefit from the TRTP program? You must be a named beneficiary to qualify.
  • What percentage can I save on my taxes with the TRTP benefit? It’s too early to tell what the benefits will be for homeowners who are approved for TRTP. It all depends on where the city council sets the city’s budget and tax rates for fiscal year 2023. Updates will be provided as the process evolves.
  • I own more than one residential property in Middletown. Can I benefit from the TRTP advantage on each of my properties? The TRTP only applies to property that serves as the taxpayer’s principal residence. It does not apply to other property of the taxpayer.
  • Are commercial, industrial, automotive and other properties eligible for the TRTP benefit? No.
  • I applied for the TRTP benefit and was accepted by the City. Do I need to reapply in January 2023 to get the benefit again? No. According to the rules, the TRTP is valid for three years before an owner must reapply.
  • Someone I know is applying for TRTP relief, but I don’t think he is eligible. How do I forward this information to the appropriate party with the City? Thank you for your vigilance. If you believe someone is inappropriately requesting TRTP relief, please contact the Office of the Tax Assessor, 350 East Main Road, call 847-7300 or email Tax Assessor George Durgin at gdurgin @MiddletownRI.com. All information will be treated confidentially. The penalty for those who violate the new order can be up to $1,000 in fines.
  • Okay, that’s a lot of information, but I still have questions. Where can I ask them and get a timely response? Questions are best directed to https://mdl.town/ Aid online under the “Other Municipal Services — Tax, Assessment or Sewer Collection Survey” section at the bottom of the page. As questions are asked, updates will be added to this question and answer sheet as needed.

To view a full copy of the question and answer sheet, visit https://mdl.town/TRTP online or visit the Assessor’s office at City Hall during regular business hours.

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