MotoGP changes engine allocation to extend calendars

Current regulations state that non-concession manufacturers are allowed to use seven engines during the season, while concession brands can use nine.

However, this rule was written when the calendar included fewer than 20 races, with the 2022 calendar expected to include 21 grands prix.

As a result, with immediate effect, an eighth engine has been added to all non-concession builders’ allocation which can only be used in race 19 and beyond, while concession brands have been given a 10th.

The fully updated regulations read: “Currently, MotoGP regulations allow manufacturers in the MotoGP class to use a maximum of seven engines during the season (nine engines for manufacturers with concessions).

“This regulation was established when the calendar included less than 20 races.

“Because the 2022 calendar foresees 21 races, it was agreed to allow the use of an additional engine provided that there are ultimately 19 races or more.

“The additional engine can only be used for the 19th race or the following races.

“The regulations have been updated as follows: Less than 21 races published on the official calendar which is published by the FIM before the start of the first race: Manufacturers will have a maximum engine allocation of seven engines (nine for manufacturers with concessions).

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“21 or 22 races published on the calendar published by the FIM before the start of the first race: manufacturers will have a maximum allocation of eight engines (10 for manufacturers with concessions).

“The use of this eighth (or 10th) engine will only be authorized from the 19th event.”

From 2023, no manufacturer will abide by concession rules after Aprilia has won enough podium finishes in the past year to lose the benefits it has enjoyed since 2015.

In anticipation of the loss of concessions, Aprilia is already running one less engine as if it doesn’t exist in its allocation to better prepare reliability for 2023.

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Although officially losing dealership status, Aprilia will still have a 10-engine allocation for this year under the new rule change.

The season is set to run for 21 races, but the Finnish Grand Prix in July remains an unknown for now, with a delegation from Dorna Sports due to visit the new KymiRing to inspect it next week.

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