NOTICE: Online calendars are the key to a productive college life

My schedule was busy. I felt like every day I watched deadlines go by and meetings go unnoticed. Tests showed up on days I couldn’t remember, and time with my friends was unplanned.

It was my freshman year of high school and things had started to look up. I survived the freshman and sophomore years with no problem, but life was starting to get busier than I thought possible.

I couldn’t fit much into my already packed school schedule, and I didn’t know how to fix it – until my friend showed me the biggest lifeline of my school career: the calendar in line.

From Google Calendar to Apple’s iCal, online calendars are incredibly versatile and important for managing busy student schedules.

My life changed overnight in high school. Sleek boxes kept my events in order and even reminded me a few days before I had a big exam or important meeting. I walked the rest of high school without worrying about missing an important activity.

But I really didn’t feel the full benefits of an online calendar until I got to college. I was now responsible for all aspects of my life, not just school. I couldn’t call my mom to remind me when I had a rehearsal or what time I had to be at the dentist.

But as I presented new problems to my iCal, it rose to the occasion with a solution.

In my old calendar, I was tired of writing important information in a small box under a new event. Phone numbers, addresses and names became cluttered and unrecognizable by the time I needed to reference them. But my online calendar lets me enter addresses, names, phone numbers, notes, and even Zoom links for online meetings.

Another issue I ran into was distinguishing between event types on my calendar. When looking at a screen full of seamless blue boxes, it can be difficult to fully grasp what you have in store for the day. Online calendars let you color-code event types and sort them into different categories, allowing for easy viewing while creating specific groups of events that can be managed at once.

It’s important to distinguish between personal, class, and rehearsal schedules, as they often merge into one cramped schedule. Being able to visualize how much of your day will be occupied by certain activities can help you plan a productive week and is extremely beneficial for students who divide their time between various responsibilities.

A final advantage of online calendars is that they are incredibly easy to share. Taking a quick screenshot of your day or sending an interactive link of your schedule to friends, classmates, or colleagues can help you decide when you’re available to meet. This speeds up the process of confusing emails or messages.

Long story short, I could never have navigated college without my online calendar. Whether it’s helping me create a balanced and enjoyable schedule or saving me from frantically searching for Zoom links last year, my calendar is the most vital tool for my academic and personal success. .

So if you don’t have an online calendar yet, what are you waiting for? Your color-coded dream schedule awaits.

Chris Sciortino (he/him) is a junior studying theater and public relations. He is involved with the Queer Student Union and College Democrats at IU.

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