On-set carbon calculators are part of Screen Ireland’s sustainability plan – The Irish Times

Using a carbon calculator will become a mandatory minimum requirement for all film, television and animation productions supported by Screen Ireland under a new sustainability plan.

The plan, which outlines how the state agency will help Irish industry reduce its carbon footprint and be more inclusive, includes funding for an in-depth environmental impact assessment of the screen industry, while Screen Ireland has said it intends to make its own net zero carbon operations by 2025.

On-site “sustainability advocates” will be provided by the agency to the productions it funds, while it will also develop a pilot program to examine the energy consumption and carbon footprint of screen projects and provide a financial incentive pilot, worth up to €25,000 per production, that will encourage emission reductions.

Accelerated Funding

The organization also said it will accelerate funding for programs that have a strong goal of diversity, equality and inclusion as part of their award process to increase opportunities in the industry and make it more representative of the population.

“Screen Ireland is committed to the sustainability principles of social inclusion, environmental protection and responsible economic growth,” said Chief Executive Désirée Finnegan.

“This plan was developed in consultation with industry stakeholders to establish a clear framework and ambitious goals. We look forward to working with industry partners to achieve these goals. »

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