Pong.com appears as a sticky “Pinterest for flash games”

Pong.com is a brilliant and extremely sticky new social network for flash game enthusiasts and those who hate how incredibly fragmented the browser gaming landscape has become.

Much like Pinterest (Pong actually means ‘online pin networking games’ in this case), Pong.com is essentially a platform where anyone can organize their favorite free flash games in one place, no matter what. or whoever developed or published them.

Technically, the games are still hosted and linked to the publishers’ sites, and the publishers can keep the ad revenue to themselves to boot (more on this below).

Pong.com has garnered huge support from none other than Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, who comments:

I love to see this tribute to Pong incorporated into games today. Pong.com is a fun and exciting breakthrough that I believe will revolutionize the world of online flash games.

Revolutionizing the flash game market seems a bit of a stretch, but at least the site has turned out to be incredibly sticky in my experience, not least thanks to the classic Atari game that Bushnell helped spawn.

Pong - Retro - Pong Pin Online Network Games

With a single click, users can ‘pong’ games from anywhere on the web and add them to their pong boards, allowing games to be categorized into topics such as ‘first person shooter’. or “retro”.

When you follow another user’s board, any “pongs” added to it will be displayed in real time on the Pong.com website. “Track all” means that you will see all of this user’s pongs (from all of their boards).

Robin Wauters retro painting robinwauters - pong pin online network games

Pong.com encourages developers and publishers to publish their games on its open platform for presentation to users. One of the benefits of this, according to the company, is that game developers can embed their own video ads and keep 100% of the revenue.

However, when a developer does not have a 100 percent fill rate, Pong.com will run their own pre-roll ads to monetize the site. At a later stage, Pong.com co-founder Darius Gandhi told me that the company will have set up its own advertising network.

On a very cool note, Pong.com has the original Pong arcade machine signed by Bushnell and other Atari co-founder Ted Dabney.

Allan Alcorn, who invented the game Pong, has already dedicated the iconic piece from the history of the game (see photo below).

I don’t know about you, but I think this is a great item that they are going to have in their offices. The gaming company boasts of the FTW rights.


Alan alcorn

Best Image Credit: Rob Boudon / Flickr

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