Public notice required on school calendars for the coming year


The Colleton County School District is again seeking public input on how school board and district leaders should shape the traditional 2022-2023 school calendar.

A survey is available on the school district’s website at All members of the public, including parents, students, teachers and community members, can participate in this survey. The results will be submitted to the school board for review before any vote on the schedule.

There are two options available for the public to participate: one option is called “Sample A.” and the other is called “Sample B”.

In Sample A, the first day of school for the upcoming school year (2022-2023) would be August 1-5 and the last day of school would be June 1. There would be a fall break from October 19-21, a teachers’ work day on November 8, and a second fall break from November 23-25.

Then, the traditional “holiday break” would be scheduled from December 19 to January 2.

According to the sample A model, spring break would take place from April 3 to 7.

With the second option, Sample B, students would return to school on August 15, but their last day would be May 31. In this model, students would have a day off in October, October 19, with a day off on November 8, and a fall break from November 23-25. The traditional holiday break would take place from December 19 to January 2. Another smaller break would take place on March 22 and spring break would be given to students from April 3 to April 7.

Calendars are only different when certain holidays and make-up days are issued.

The investigation into these calendars will remain open until May 13. A person can only participate in the survey once. Both of the survey’s calendar options follow the traditional school model: Colleton County school board members recently voted to keep the traditional school calendar for the upcoming school year, but decided to implement implement a year-round model in the following school year. .

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