Roaring Fork school calendars approved through 2023-24

The Roaring Fork Schools Board of Education last week approved school calendars for the years 2022-23 and 2023-24.

In doing so, however, the board asked staff to ensure the district communicates a carry-forward ramification of this year — child care implications of winter break not aligned with winter break of Garfield Re-2.

The district will also collect feedback from families and staff in January 2023 to determine if the 2023-24 schedule should be changed, according to a district news release.

The approved schedules largely reflect the 2020-22 schedules with a few small changes, including:

  • A return to school on a Wednesday instead of Monday, which offers a few extra summer days and offers students and teachers a more gradual return to school with a shortened first week.
  • Ending the school year after Memorial Day, which resolves a conflict between graduation and state athletics competition.
  • Increased fall vacation to two days for a four-day weekend. Transition to quarters for primary and middle school students.

The 2022-24 calendars reflect survey data showing respondents were generally satisfied with the current school calendar, the district’s statement said.

“It is particularly important to note that 61% of respondents indicated that they were somewhat or very satisfied with the current school calendar, while only 7% of respondents indicated that they were not at all satisfied,” the report said. communicated.

In addition, the approved schedule has:

  • First semester ending before the start of the winter holidays;
  • Balanced semesters and quarters; and,
  • Spring Break Alignment with Garfield Re-2 District (intended to support the many RFSD employees who live in Re-2)

The board also discussed approving more than two years of schedules at a time to avoid alignment issues with neighboring districts in the future.

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