Save Flash games to your hard drive

I have to admit that I love to play flash games every now and then and enjoy them tremendously. Sometimes websites that offer flash games may not be available all the time you want to play the game, or you may not have an active internet connection but still want to play some games. .

That is why I would like to explain how you can easily save flash games to your hard drive to play them without internet connection.

The process is pretty straightforward most of the time: visit a website that displays a flash game on its website. Right-click any free area on this page and select Show Page Source from the context menu. You can also click View> Page Source in Firefox. Internet Explorer uses right click and select View Source while Opera users right click and select Source, or press F12 to open browser developer tools.

Search this source for a URL that ends with the swf file extension (search for the term .swf). This is the location of the flash game on the server. Copy this address and paste it back into the browser window. The flash game should load correctly. Go to File> Save Page As in Firefox and the flash game should be saved to your hard drive.

Drop the file into your preferred browser to play the game. To make things easier, you could assign software to the swf files, which would result in you only having to double-click flash games to start them. To do this, right click on the file and select properties from the menu.

Now click on Change button and select your main browser as the program with which to open swf files. I created a little video that explains the whole process.

Update: Please note that although this method works well on a number of gaming sites that offer Flash games, it will not work on sites like Kongregate, Armorgames, and other major flash game sites. Let me show you how you can also download Flash games from these sites. I will show you how to download games from Kongregate and you can also use the method to download from other sites.

You need the Firefox Live HTTP Headers add-on for this. If you are using a different web browser, try to find an extension that offers similar functionality.

Open Firefox after installing the add-on and press the Alt key to display the menu bar. Click Tools> Live HTTP Headers to display the browser extension window. Switch to the Generator tab here and configure the window as follows:

  • Uncheck CSS and images
  • Check request

Load the Flash game on Kongregate and watch the headers the browser picks up. You should find the reference to a .swf file here. Kongregate games at the time of writing still start with # request # GET tracking IDs and other information.

Right click on the row and select Copy. Paste it in the browser’s address bar and remove the #reqest GET info in the foreground. This should load the Flash game full screen. To save it on the local computer, press Ctrl-S or select Firefox> Save Page As from the menu.

Drag and drop games into the browser to play them after downloading them to your local system.

Update: Note that you can use the network tab of developer tools. The advantage of this method is that you don’t need to install any browser extension to download Flash games to your system.

register flash game development tools

  1. Press the F12 key in your browser of choice to begin (I’m using Google Chrome for this demonstration).
  2. Switch to the Network tab.
  3. Load the site of the Flash game and the Flash game in this tab.
  4. Type swf in the developer tools search box.
  5. Locate the correct SWF file if there is more than one and select “open in new tab”. This should save the SWF file directly to the local system or give you options to save it while playing (depending on the browser).


Save Flash games to your hard drive

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Save Flash games to your hard drive

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Find out how to download your favorite Flash games to your local system so you can play them locally whenever you want.


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