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City Council has approved a professional services agreement with Cactus Asphalt to repave Chama and Primrose driveways as part of a pilot program (chip seal with cape seal) to maintain local streets.

Presenting to Council at its March 15 meeting, Director of Public Works Justin Weldy said he believed it was a low-cost solution for some of the roads in the community that have exceeded their useful life, but the resources are not available to remedy it. If these pilot roads prove successful, Weldy said he hopes to return to Council to request an expansion of the operation to properly maintain more roads throughout the community.

As noted in the general agenda information, Fountain Hills has utilized cooperative purchase agreement contracts with state, county, and city governments to leverage competitive pricing received by other municipalities. . In this case, Cactus Asphalt has agreed to extend the prices of the contract it has with Pinal County to Fountain Hills.

“In order to effectively utilize the city’s limited street maintenance budget, staff are proposing a pilot program that outlines the steps necessary to preserve the current pavement condition on two local street segments,” the document continues. ‘information. “…The proposed pilot program has been used by the City of Glendale, City of Florence, and other county and municipal governments with favorable results on streets of similar condition [to Chama and Primrose].”

The estimated cost of rebuilding these segments is between $600,000 and $900,000, while the cost of the proposed chip seal with cape seal is $209,473.72.

“As the name suggests, this treatment consists of two preventative maintenance applications; a chip joint covered with a grout joint,” the background information continues. “A chip sealer is an application of small angular rocks (chips)…embedded in a thick layer of asphalt emulsion.

“Most chip seals incorporate polymer modified binders. Sealing with a Cape Seal treatment will maintain a pavement that needs to be rebuilt and can extend the life of the pavement up to eight to 10 years.

Coming at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding segments of road, Weldy said this pilot program could result in big savings and stretch road maintenance dollars further than expected.

“The cost savings resulting from the less expensive chip sealer with cape seal, coupled with extending the life of these roads from eight to 10 years, will have a huge positive impact on the City’s road budget, allowing the City to address our pavements and address our current deficiencies and increase the overall pavement condition index of our road network,” the presentation concluded.

Councilor Sharron Grzybowski moved to approve the professional service agreement with Cactus Asphalt and Gerry Friedel seconded before unanimous approval (7-0).

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