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It’s the calm after the storm, if you will. Or rather, the sit-down where we all ponder what higher interest rates mean. What expenses will have to be spent if the mortgage becomes much more expensive; that sort of thing.

Labor has calculated what might appeal to voters – and it has calculated that it should not be too specific in its promises.

Campaigning from a fringe seat in Melbourne, leader Anthony Albanese reiterated his promise of ‘same work, same pay’ – meaning casual workers in one job should receive the same money as more permanent staff.

But he would not be determined whether wages would – or should – keep pace with inflation under a Labor government. And he avoided wondering whether he would push for a pay rise in the public sector.

Scott Morrison was out and about in Glenelg, but came across one of those delightful, albeit brief, moments when a member of the public – a voter – turns away from the script.

A spectator ran to follow him shouting “You sold your soul to Brian Houston” before walking away.

The awkward moment was short-lived as he met a friendly dog ​​named Winston.

This is how elections work.

In an election where the economy is likely top of the agenda, the treasurer and future treasurer clashed (figuratively, of course) at the National Press Club.

Labor’s Jim Chalmers lambasted an “out of touch” coalition for a threadbare program despite mounting cost of living pressures. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has expressed deep concern over Labour’s unknown spending pledges.

But in perhaps the most beautiful moment of the campaign, the two men seemed to like each other. At one point, Dr. Chalmers said he respected Mr. Frydenberg. “I want to return that compliment,” replied the treasurer.

The coronavirus just won’t go away.

The final piece of advice is that people should wait three months after a confirmed COVID-19 infection before getting their next dose of the vaccine – but then get it as soon as possible.


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