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For some people, online flash games are a passing distraction to fill the hours between lunch and home time. For others, online flash games are a passionate pastime that stays glued to their monitors as they try to beat their last score. We’ve put together a list of the ten best flash games of all time, in no particular order. From simple animal cruelty to intricate platforming puzzles, these should keep you entertained all day long. Let us know about your favorite games in the comments section below or on our forum.

Originally called Diamond mine, this classic flash game involves moving multicolored gems to create sets of three. It’s simple, yet incredibly addicting.

Dependency, according to the internationally recognized HR scale: You are fired!

Click here to play Bejeweled

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We don’t know where this game came from – and we’re not sure we want to find out. It’s one of the craziest games we’ve ever played and one of the funniest. It’s not big and it’s not smart, but we can’t stop playing it.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Chimgam

Man with bow
Set at a time when a bow and arrows were the best way to stick it to humans – as opposed to playing silly games during corporate time – Man with bow challenges you to shoot your enemy by calculating the correct angle and power of your bow. Robin Hood eats your heart.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Bow Man

Office Tower Defense
You are sitting at your desk, avoiding work, on your fourth cup of tea when suddenly you are attacked by a group of creeps. What do you do? You set up cannons of course, and smash them to bits. Office Tower Defense is one of our personal favorites and a must have game.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Desktop Tower Defense

Neopets Hasee Bounce
Dodging the droppings might not sound like fun, but as you have already discovered while playing Chimgam, it can be awesome. Hasee Bounce sees you controlling cute creatures that bounce in the air and eat donuts. If only the donut fruit was real. Sigh.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Neopets Hasee Bounce

Line runner
If you haven’t played this game, you haven’t lived. At their face value, Line runner It almost sounds too simple, but after playing for a few minutes you’ll soon find yourself creating increasingly wacky and impossible courses for the brave – no, the reckless – the sledgers.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Line Rider

The last Stand
If you are a big fan of resident Evil, The last Stand will satisfy your zombie destruction needs during the day. As you progress through each level, you gradually receive more weapons.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play The Last Stand

Based on Valve’s Breathtaking Orange box brain teaser Portal, this platform game is a testament to the potential of flash games. Much more sophisticated than most flash games you’ve played before, Portal: The Flash version is by far one of the most beautiful flash games we have ever played.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play the portal

The helicopter game
Although it looks like a game developed for the Commodore 64, this game takes the art of mouse tapping to the next level. The object of the game is to prevent your helicopter from hitting the edges, just by holding the left click to go up and dropping. It might sound easy, but getting a high score is a challenge.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play the helicopter game

Almost everyone who knows flash games has touched it YetiSports. While it’s inspired a plethora of yeti-filled games, we think the original is hands down the best – and our favorite flash game ever. All you have to do is hit the penguin as far as you can while timing your swing. We pulled off a paltry 369.6 – can you beat it?

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Yeti Sports

Update: In response to the popular demand for more flash games, we have selected ten more that we think are worthy of your precious time. Click on the next page to check out ten more addicting online flash games.

Dolphin Olympics 2
You are a dolphin with acrobatics on your brain and a wonderful affinity with altitude. Beware, we thought we had already played the most addicting games of all time, but Dolphin Olympics 2 is so addicting that we almost tore ourselves away long enough to write this description.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Dolphin Olympics 2

Winter bells
Orisinal games are some of the cutest flash games out there. We are particularly fans of Winter bells, who sees a little bunny jumping in the air and bouncing on bells. It’s not a complex game, but you won’t be able to stop playing it – watching your ickle bunny dive from a great height is just too much to bear. He must go higher!

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Winterbells

The way of the ninja is apparently laden with gold – or at least it’s in NOT, a flash game where you play as a ninja determined to collect as much gold as possible. Watch out for all the obstacles and lasers, one wrong move and you are ninja toast.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play N

Dinosaur race
Being a dinosaur is a dangerous endeavor, especially if you are being chased by a “pyroclastic wall of doom”, but all is not lost. Using your keyboard skills, you can lead your brave dinosaur to safety and increase his evolutionary powers along the way by collecting eggs.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Dino Run

Purple room
Don’t play this game if you are not a patient person, but if you like to solve problems, this is a fantastic game that will keep you entertained for hours. You start out in a red room with only your wits to get by – do you accept the challenge?

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Crimson room

Simple games are often the most fun and Bloons is as simple as they come. The goal is to pop as many balloons as possible with the help of your trusty monkey. Each level presents a different challenge and there are an impressive 50 to complete.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Bloons

Grow the cube
Perhaps one of the most addicting and equally frustrating games out there, Grow the cube is a game that involves concentration, deduction and a piece of paper. You have to add the right element at the right time, otherwise your cube will not grow anywhere. Our advice: start with the man and take notes.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Grow Cube

Similar to Bejeweled, Zuma is a classic game which is really fun to play. You have to shoot balls of different colors from a frog’s mouth on a growing line of colored balls to make them all disappear – otherwise the frog gets it. Line up combos for a huge score.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Zuma

Vector runner
Flash-based driving games vary from the incredible to the unplayable: Vector runner is certainly among the first. Using very basic graphics, Vector runner somehow manages to feel like a high end game.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Vector Runner

Cursor * 10
It’s a boring game, but it’s extremely addicting. You have to get to the top of the building and hit items along the way. When the time is up, you start over, but you have to race against your previous effort.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play cursor * 10

Update 2: Oh go ahead, take another five.

Patrick Smith is an inspired flash artist who created Vector Park, a series of flash-based artwork that creates rather addicting games. Levers, in particular, is one of Smith’s best works and requires you to balance multiple items in order to advance to the next level. Empty your journal, you won’t be working this afternoon.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play Levers

Space invaders
Paul Neave is another inspired flash developer whose talents seem endless. Aside from making some wonderful built-in flash sites, Neave has also created a bunch of flash games that reflect the playing qualities of their original titles so perfectly, we play them with awe. His remake of Space invaders, for example, is sublime.

Addiction: You are fired!

Play Space Invaders above

Another gem of Paul Neave is frog, which many old school players will fondly remember. You play as a frog trying to cross a road and then a river. It might sound simple, but launch ruthless cars with impassive drivers and a river cluttered with logs and crunchy turtles and you have some work to do. Like with Space invaders, once you click on the link below, just click on the frog logo to start playing.

Addiction: You are fired!

Play Frogger above

to park
Patrick Smith’s mind must be a wonderful place, something you will achieve while playing to park. Another addition to his Vector Park collection, to park is one of the most intriguing flash games we have ever had the pleasure of discovering. With echoes of Guillermo del Toro and Studio Ghibli, the idea is to click your way through the mysterious park, discovering a variety of intricate graphics and beautiful animations. What does all this mean? It’s up to you.

Addiction: You are fired!

Click here to play at the park

Back to the man – the legend – is Paul Neave and another classic remade for the flash game scene in the form of Snake. Hardcore Snake fans will know that it was originally featured on Nokia phones and became an instant hit. Unfortunately, Nokia decided to change Snake and add 3D graphics, ultimately destroying a really awesome game. But Neave saved it in flash form so that we can enjoy it again. Click on the Snake logo to start playing.

Addiction: You are fired!

Play the snake above

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