Todd Stone introduces bill to revamp disaster financial assistance program – Kamloops News

A deputy asks for a change of DFA

Kamloops-South Thompson MLA Todd Stone introduced a private member’s bill to revamp the province’s disaster financial assistance program to better prepare for this year’s fire season. year.

According to the BC Liberal caucus, the bill calls on the government to streamline and simplify the DFA claims process.

“While we hope not to have to relive the devastating weather events of 2021, the reality is that these events are happening more frequently and with greater intensity – leading to increased costs for disaster victims and the inability to access insurance in high-risk areas,” Stone said.

“While DFA is there to help individuals where insurance is not available, the program has remained virtually unchanged for approximately 50 years, and there is a desperate need to proactively address these new challenges and better protect owners and businessmen.”

The bill includes expanding the scope of the DFA, which Stone says will address issues in the province’s “micro-pockets” where no insurance coverage is available for a given disaster event.

If passed, the bill would also extend the application deadline to 120 days from the current 60 days from the date the DFA was authorized.

In addition to the measures in the bill, the BC Liberal caucus also said Stone is calling for significantly more provincial investment in adaptation and infrastructure projects in and around interface communities. .

Stone said the government’s Community Emergency Preparedness Fund and its FireSmart grant are far too small, adding that her own Kamloops community will receive $25,000 from the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund and $140,000 for FireSmart support, calling it that of drop in the bucket.

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