Use These 5 Ethereum Fee Calculators to Reduce Your Gas Fees

Ethereum is not only the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world. The Ethereum blockchain is also an extremely popular platform where people can develop their own cryptocurrencies, build DeFi projects, and even create new decentralized exchanges.

Thousands of people use these services every day, but it comes at a cost, known as gas charges. These gas fees are charged to users to compensate for the huge amount of computing power required to run the Ethereum blockchain and can be expensive.

However, you can make sure you pay the lowest fees with some of these Ethereum gas fee calculators.

Understanding Ethereum Gas Fees and Its Units

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Before we get to the best gas charge calculators, let’s first discuss the units used to calculate gas charges. The two main units you will typically see for Ethereum gas fees are wei and gwei (or Giga wei). Wei is the smallest denomination of Ether and represents a tiny fraction of a token. One ETH contains one quadrillion wei and one billion gwei.

Ethereum gas prices are measured in gwei, and this unit is used in a basic equation one can use to calculate gas fees:

Gas units (limit) * Gas ​​price per unit (in gwei) = Gas charge

In this sum, the gas limit refers to the maximum amount of gas you are willing to use in one transaction, and the price of gas per unit is its cost in gwei.


However, like the crypto market itself, gas prices are constantly changing. Sometimes they are as low as a few gwei, and sometimes they can reach thousands. This is why gas calculators are so useful. They provide you with up-to-date gas prices and allow you to calculate how much you will pay in gas costs at any given time.

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But these calculators are not very easy to navigate. They don’t give you just one gas price, but rather three different prices. These are usually referred to as fast, medium, and slow rates, but they sometimes go by other names.

The fast gas rate represents the fastest transactions that take place on the Ethereum blockchain. As these take less time, they consume more gas, and so the fast rate will usually be the highest of the three (unless they are all the same). Thus, the medium and slow rates are often lower because they represent slower transactions.

Now that you know how to calculate gas costs and how they differ, let’s take a look at the best sites to visit if you want to calculate your gas costs.

Screenshot of ETH gas station gas prices

ETH Gas Station is a great resource for calculating your gas costs. On this site, you can find live updates on fast, medium, and slow gas rates on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can see the priority gas fees (which are fees paid directly to miners on the blockchain), as well as the gas price at gwei. Below these, you can also view the current base fee, which dictates the amount of gas required for a transaction to take place on the Ethereum blockchain.

ETH Gas Station also has a list of top gas guzzlers, called the ETH25 ranking. These are the projects that consume the most gas in the blockchain. The ETH25 rating also alerts users to ongoing scams on the network so you know which projects to be cautious of or avoid altogether.

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Unlike the other sites listed here, Blocknative does not use fast, medium, and slow gas flows. Instead, it lists five prizes ranging from most likely to least likely. As each new block is introduced to the blockchain, a new set of gas prices appear on the page.

Blocknative also displays priority fees for miners and provides you with a chart of recent gas prices to see where things have gone in terms of gas prices. This includes both the current base fee and priority fee in the Ethereum blockchain.

gwei gas calculator screenshot

The Gwei Gas Calculator offers a simple interface to quickly determine current gas prices. This site shows the current Ethereum market price and fast, medium, and slow gas rates (although they are labeled as low, normal, and fast in this case).

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The Gwei Gas Calculator also shows gas charges for performing various functions on three of the most popular NFT markets: Opensea, Rarible, and Foundation. Here you can see what it will cost you in gas fees to list, buy, mint and endorse NFTs. Additionally, you can see what it will cost in gas fees to wrap Ethereum and place or settle bids.

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AWT, or Automated Web Tools, offers a valuable Gas Cost Calculator that you can use quickly and easily. AWT uses CoinGecko, a cryptocurrency statistics provider, to determine the price of a gwei at any given time. Then using that it can provide you with a USD conversion of any gas price given in gwei.

AWT also provides you with the fast, medium and slow gas price rates and the current market price of Ethereum. It’s a great little tool to use for all your Ethereum-based transactions.

screenshot of snowtrace website tracker

SnowTrace is another fantastic option for tracking Ethereum gas fees. Using this site, you can find slow, medium, and fast gas prices, but they are labeled standard, fast, and fast instead. You can also check out the site’s easy-to-read graph that shows you live gasoline prices. The site automatically refreshes its statistics every three seconds to keep you as up to date as possible.

SnowTrace has several other resources for learning more about recent block sizes, transaction speeds, and more. Additionally, you can use SnowTrace to check the average Ethereum block size and top 25 gas consumers and spenders on the blockchain at any time. This is a great site overall to check Ethereum stats.

Pay Less Ethereum Gas Fees With These Sites

Calculating your gas costs doesn’t have to be a frustrating and tedious process anymore, thanks to the sites above. By finding the most recent gas prices across a range of different transaction speeds, you can accurately determine how much you will pay in ETH for all the functions you want to perform on the Ethereum blockchain.

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