Williams Sonoma has launched new Advent calendars for 2022

While there are many holiday traditions, the one that never loses its magic – whether you’re a child or an adult – is an advent calendar. The anticipation behind every door makes every day feel like Christmas morning, especially when it’s a theme you love.

And while he’s still technically summer, Williams Sonoma has already kicked off its food-filled countdowns for the season. Available for pre-order or purchase, the retailer has five 24-day holiday calendars, plus a one-week birthday calendar for those who don’t want to wait until December 1st.

As far as we’re concerned, a food calendar is the pinnacle of advent calendar perfection. These Advent Calendars are loaded with delicious treats for the season and range in price from $30 to $70. Whether you’re looking for a dead holiday vibe like the peppermint bark calendaror a fun theme like harry potter snacksthere is an option for you.

However, with their mystical appeal, advent calendars tend to sell out quickly. You’ll want to secure one of these Williams Sonoma favorites shortly before the holiday season kicks into full swing.

Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark Advent Calendar

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Why not love peppermint bark? With 24 days of characters in different shapes, each bite is covered in rich semi-sweet chocolate and creamy white chocolate, all sprinkled with crunchy and refreshing bites of peppermint candy.

Spice Advent Calendar Le Comptoir Colonial

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Keep your fall and winter cooking exciting and flavorful with this super unique 24-day spice calendar. Each door includes a spice or spice blend that will go perfectly with seasonal vegetables and squash, hearty meat dishes, fresh fish, and even some desserts.

Dolly Parton Williams Sonoma Advent Calendar

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Calling all Dolly fans – this is the perfect calendar for you. For 24 days, you can enjoy some of the beloved singer’s favorite sweets, like caramels, chocolate, gummies and mints, any time of the day.

Harry Potter Williams Sonomoa Advent Calendar

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

It’s no surprise that even food and snacks from the Harry Potter universe are as magical as the movies or the books. In this 24-day advent calendar, you can enjoy confections inspired by the series, like Harry Potter gummies, beans in all flavors of Bertie Bott, butterscotch drops, and more.

Williams Sonoma Holiday Advent Calendar: 24 Days of Cookie Baking

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Cookies are a serious holiday event, and this calendar helps you rise to the challenge. With each day unlocking a fresh new item for baking, like spatulas, cookie cutters, stencils, and bottles of frosting, you’ll be well set for a cookie extravaganza in just 24 days.

Williams Sonoma Flour Shop Birthday Advent Calendar

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Who says advent calendars have to be holiday-themed? This birthday calendar lasts for a week, and for the first six days you can enjoy trios of gummy bears in tons of fun flavors like mango, wild cherry, cranberry, and green apple. Celebrate the big day with a vanilla sugar cookie, party cookie and birthday iron-on patch.

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